Burn This Book


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The Most Spectacular Collection of Kickass Counter Culture Quotes, Ever.
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This project started in internet chat rooms over ten years ago, way before a book was ever considered. We found that using quotes of famous people was an excellent way to support positions in political discussions. This is a compilation of those quotes. The type of quotes most likely to be burned by book burners.

“Burn This Book” is a collaboration, so it was decided to use the chat room handle 'dreamslaughter' as the author.

The book is edgy, passionate, angry, spiritual, compassionate and deeply thought provoking. As people read it, they can’t help but be affected by its contents. It is a frontal assault on non-progressive ideals, using the words of notable people.

A book that may hopefully help our situation here on earth; if it can reach the right people. Please help get this book to those people.

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