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Meria Heller

"This book is a no-brainer. Pure enjoyment throughout, and it gets you to think for yourself once again. No matter what page you open it to, it will speak to your mind and soul"

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Sunpiper Press
Robert Denson III

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“You can always know the character of a man by the quotes he chooses to use.” – Robert Denson

As a child, my father used to quote famous speakers and authors to inspire me. “Son, if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything!” He’d say or, “No good deed goes unpunished. Your character comes not from your reward but from that in which you fervently stand.”

Dreamslaughter.com have captured the essence of wisdom through quotes and published it. The product is "Burn This Book" now on sale at their website http://www.dreamslaughter.com/.

Apparently, the project began in Internet chat rooms over ten years ago. They found that many people used quotes of famous people to support positions in political discussions. Dreamslaugher.com compiled these quotes.

Since “Burn This Book” is a collaboration, it was decided to use the chat room handle 'dreamslaughter' as the author. They used the title “Burn This Book” because the quotes used are provocative and thought inspiring. The book is edgy, passionate, angry, spiritual, compassionate and deeply thought provoking. It is a frontal assault on non-progressive ideals, using the words of notable people.

I applaud dreamslaughter.com’s ideals in producing "Burn This Book" and I highly recommend it. The thing that most Americans lack is the will to think for themselves. Burn This Book promotes freethinking through famous quotes. If you are opposed to individually educated thinking and support the status quo, you might have the urge to burn this book as well! I, however, am looking forward to the promised second edition.


I just want to say that I love this book and I highly reccommend it to anyone. It has so many killer and mind inspiring quotes in it that it will keep you coming back for more. Hell, even if you use one a day in your own life, people will think you really know something! ~

Robert Denson III
Sunpiper Press

"Promoting the Voices of Our Future!"

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First, there is no author named Dreamslaughter. This is a collection of quotes that were used at various times to support different political viewpoints at the dreamslaughter.com website. Since they were submitted by various people interacting on the website the compiler thought it appropriate to list Dreamslaughter as the author. The collection of quotes are not particularly well organized but are well selected to be those likely to help point out folly or useful in support of various opinions. I have always liked books of quotes and found a lot of insight in well selected ones. Burn This Book does not disappoint those looking for powerful quotes that bring insight and understanding. As such it is a recommended purchase.

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Dead Trees Review
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This book had its beginnings in various internet chat rooms over the past 10 years. That is why the online name Dreamslaughter was chosen as the author. It was discovered that using quotes from famous people was a good way to support positions in political discussions.

Here are some of those quotes: ... ... ...

... ... ... I loved reading this book. It is the sort of book that can be picked up and read starting at any point. There is also a companion website (www.dreamslaughter.com) that deserves a visit. For many different reasons, this is very highly recommended.

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